Thursday, June 23, 2011

One foggy morning...

And off to Sydney I go! At least if this extreme Wagga fog ever lets up. Tonight we are going out for an African dinner in Sydney, then driving down to Wollongong tomorrow morning with The Boy, so I can see his new digs. I think he wants to convince me that moving to Wollongong would be great:) lol.

Forever 21 dress, Asos belt, Asos boots, Cotton on Cardi

You can hide a multitude of sins under an empire waist

I adore the print

I slipped.....and bought this XL Zara clutch from their UK store - it was on sale for $60. I have wanted it ever since I saw it in Sydney for $199. Bargain. So I have to sell a couple of items on Ebay to compensate.

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  1. Nice outfit, your hair looks amazing! Hope you enjoyed Wollongong, I can personally attest that it is a fabulous place to live ;) xx