Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Shopping ban

From now for two months I have to be on a shopping ban. Too much purchased in the US/Canada and online, and the financial planner will smack me if I don't restrain myself.

Plus I want an ipad, and if I don't shop for a few months I might just be able to afford one. If I stick to 2 minute noodles... worth it? ;)

I will have to enjoy the purchases already on their way to me....

The rule is that I can purchase something while on the ban ONLY if I can work it into my weekly food budget. So if I am travelling for work and getting paid for meals, then I can possibly buy something. Or if I sell something on ebay - I can use the cash gained. Otherwise...nada! Must stay away from asos then...(I'm not counting purchase of things like tights - anything that I buy while in the grocery store).

Tony Bianco studded boots

Asos clutch

Tony Bianco grey booties

Dotti knit

Dotti breton top

Dotti soft rose shirt (I have this now in black, khaki, rose and white)

Dotti crop jumper

River island leopard skirt - I searched high and low for months after I missed this on Asos

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  1. I am also on a shopping ban at the moment and it just makes me want to shop more! I have such a long list of things that I want! I think it is good that you have allowed yourself ways to shop such as selling things on ebay and spending the money, great idea.

    White Winters