Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Grey days

Canada outfit shot - Zara skirt, Dotti blouse and necklace

I am back in Wagga and back at work. It's been a miserable homecoming - my cat is sick again , back and forth to the vet's (bill $700 and climbing), flat tyres, mice infestation getting worse (mice in our dishwasher and in the OVEN), and The Boy has moved to the coast to start work there. So we are now doing a weekend thing which involves driving four hours there and back to see each other. So misery reins in the household....hence the dodgy iphone shots. I promise normal programming will resume soon.

New Asos blouse, Zara skirt

Asos wedge booties (although you can't see due to the black on black)

My favourite Aldo fishie ring

Dotti jumper, AA tank, ZP for Target skirt, Lovisa necklace

So sparkly

Stoli loves the new Victoria's Secret bras

Scary what other countries think of us! And why is the little girl so scared? No wonder everyone there asked if kangaroos really rip people's abdomens open.

S'mores donut

Canadian snow


  1. What an awful homecoming! Hope things look up for you soon lovely <3

  2. Aww :( Look at the upside - that Zara skirt is awesome! I still haven't been :(

  3. I hope things get better for you soon! The Zara skirt looks really cute on you!