Thursday, March 17, 2011

Stockings everywhere

Is it just me, or are tights and stockings the hardest things to store? They are literally exploding from their drawer at the moment.
Every year heading into Winter I always clean out my tights, and throw out those with holes (well, if the holes are in places that can be seen!). But it's so hard to find them in the drawer.
I just did a big order of tights from Asos and We Love I need to clean out the drawer again (I am convinced I can pull off coloured tights). But how to store them! Especially when there are so many patterned black tights and pantyhose...
Also - I am such a terror for putting massive holes in pantyhose. I buy these beautiful love heart seamed ones, wear them once, then on the second wear - hey presto. Massive hole. Sigh.

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