Sunday, March 27, 2011

Coloured up

Back in the office...feels more than a little weird! So I threw on my new Spotted Moth top to brighten up my day.
I need to buy more coloured items. I tend to gravitate towards black, and I am generally crap at mixing colours. I accidentally did today - in the darkness of my bedroom I mistook the pink in the blouse for red, so I added red shoes.

Love this blouse - so bright and flowy

Gee my thighs are lumpy! Lol:)
Spotted Moth blouse, Portmans skirt, Zara Blazer

Whoops! Red TB Joss heels


  1. Gorgeous outfit, i love the colours! It works :) those heels are lovely!

  2. I love those heels, the red is amazing and totally brightens up any outfit!