Monday, March 21, 2011

High like the birds...

As always, I dressed without any attention to the weather for the conference yesterday. And of course, being Brisbane it was humid. But I was dying to wear my swallow top and this seemed like a great opportunity.

Warehouse swallow top
Asos pleated skirt

Finally! The hotel room offered a convenient location to play with the self timer on my camera....clearly this was making me sleepy;)

And shoeless like a hobo;) Glad I finally wore this skirt - I was worried it would make me too 'hippy' because of the pleats and my essential pear shapedness.

Still debating over whether to cut my hair in some layers and lose a couple of inches. It's looking a wee bit raggedy.


  1. Strange! I was just reading your blog before and saw your comment. I wanted to buy that skirt cause it reminded me of the Forever New one but didn't think I was going to wear it, more than buying it for its aesthetics.

    Where are you living? You seem to be traveling everywhere.

    X LH

  2. I looooove that entire outfit, gorgeous! And yes I agree that it looks like the forever new one, except I prefer the length of yours. I neeeed some form of bird print in my life! Your hair is amazing, maybe just get a little trim?

  3. I work for a uni so I do a lot of travel between our campuses and to conferences:) Just unexciting travel though! I live in Wagga:)

    Yes, I am a bit afraid to commit to layers - just in case I regret it later. It took me a few years to grow it long after having a short bob so I don't want to go back there!

  4. Can I just say that you have amazing hair!!!
    Love your Warehouse swallow top. It looks lush!


  5. Haha!

    My hair is slightly longer than yours and I'm going to cut it next week to a long ish bob. So sick of my long hair!