Sunday, May 1, 2011


I was lucky enough this weekend to fly over to Sydney to spend a weekend in Manly, and to have dinner with the finest group of women ever:)

But before I went the Boy requested a cake - but he basically wanted it to be uncooked. Le sigh. He just loves eating batter. So I made a quick chocolate cake, and pulled it out of the oven before the middle was cooked. I am now swayed to his way of thinking - it was totally disgusting, but we just took spoonfuls of the cooked cake from the sides and dipped it into the molten chocolate middle. I used a teaspoon so it wasn't quite as disgusting;)


Artwork in Manly

Dress for drinks - Bluejuice, shoes TB

Boobs courtesy of VS miraculous bra

Zac Posen blazer

Hanging out in Manly - the beret makes my head a wee bit itchy though!

Forever new earrings

New Portmans jacket from Mum. Best jacket ever - so damn warm and only $99

Random paddles in the hotel

It was a nice day. I of course was dressed all in black, totally unseasonable. I blame living in Wagga.

The ferry ride was fantastic - I want to do it again and again

Opera house isn't as pretty during the day

I got to have my fave tofu noodle soup at the Sydney airport for lunch


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  2. It was great seeing you in gorgeous Manly xox