Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Girls wanna be her...

My Joanie dress arrived from Pin Up Girl Clothing, and it is totally love;) The Boy is impressed too because I look like Joan from Mad Men. Win!

I need to figure out which jacket to take to Canada....decisions!

I also had my hair layered finally. Nothing dramatic though - next time I am going to get more layers put in. The ladies at Plush Hairdressing did a wonderful job:)

My hair looks so bouncy!

Joanie dress from PUG Clothing (needs ironing but I couldn't wait)

Vintage 70s dress, TB heels, FC belt

Hair not looking as nice as the hairdresser made it

This dress is a wee bit nightie-adjacent

More of a bed-hair look


  1. Hehe while my boxes bring a smile to your face, your beautiful hair brings a sigh to mine...

    Why oh why can't I have beautiful hair like yours! :( Boohoo.

    Early morning jealous aside, I am loving your outfits.

    And with the amount you fly, I am betting you can get some good duty-free shopping in. ♥♥

    Thankies for always be so lovely sweetie, I appreciate your kind comments so. :)

    The Cat Hag

  2. Both dresses look fantastic on you. And I agree with Cat Hag, you do have fantastic hair!

  3. You need a shorter cut to really really look like Joan! I am so jealous of that gorgeous dress!

  4. You look gorgeous in that dress! Very jealous of your hair, I pay a lot of money for my red locks, and yours is just naturally fabulous xx