Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Whoops! Asos got me again...

So, I went and got my new will drawn up last night. $1000. I had to try to look all smooth, like sure, $1k bill is no problemo. Lol.

So I slightly regret my asos splurge, couldn't resist the free shipping + 20% off asos brand + 10% off coupon.

I also tracked down the leopard blouse I wanted from Zara. I first saw it in Singapore for full price, ummed and aahed about it. Then in Malaysia I only found a size XL. I finally found a medium on ebay and snapped it up.

I still want these though...are they worth it? Will I look stupid wearing them with socks ala a million style bloggers? It's probably not my style but I still want them bad!

Asos spot dress - had to buy this to channel Pretty Woman

Leather briefcase bag. Will probably regret the brown cause I rarely wear anything other than black

Yes, I am obsessed with satchels lately

Horse print tunic. So pretty with a pencil skirt.

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  1. Wow nice outfit and bag. I have been shopping at Asos for long time now and i always have had an amazing experience with them.

    Sean | asos promo code singapore