Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Greetings from Bathurst

This is what happens when I am away from home...stuck here in Bathurst for work. I internet shop. What else is there to do alone in a hotel room?

Etsy - animal rings on a necklace that can be removed and worn as rings

Laptop decal - my boss has the plain Snow White one, so I went for Nerdy Snow White

Saw this on a fellow blogger, and even though it isn't my style I had to have it - Urban Outfitters

Another Etsy find for only $25 - will look cute with a pencil skirt


  1. I love the rings/necklace so much! Do you mind telling me which Etsy seller they're from? x Sushi

  2. I got them from Tist :
    They have lovely stuff!