Sunday, February 13, 2011

What a quiet weekend - exactly what you need sometimes...

Few updates of outfits and other things. When I was in Adelaide my mother gave me the crystal that I have loved since I was a child. I was fascinated by how it is clear from one angle, coloured from others. Yay!


Clear! (I know, small things amuse small minds...)

Deciding on a dress to attend a wedding - maybe this dress (it's green but the bedroom lighting is bad)

Or this one (the belt is red, the dress is navy)

Tried the heels and socks thing

Bought a cute new hat at Dotti

Took my new bag out for a spin

New feather print skirt from Tempt

And got my Valentine's Day gift early! :)


  1. the green dress with the red shoes is a winner in my eyes. What make is the dress and shoes. Do you also know the style name of the shoes? I am sure that whatever you decide to wear to the wedding that you will surely look divine :)


  2. I think the green dress too:) The red shoes are by Siren - not sure of the style name. I got them from Wanted shoes online:)

  3. Love the Tempt Maxi skirt. Totally might have to copy you!