Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Something old and Something new

Well, another week, more outfits. While I was in Adelaide I went vintage shopping with my mother to get my birthday present - which turned out to be 5 new vintage dresses (possible oxymoron?), and a handbag. Woohoo! I haven't been vintage shopping in more than 10 years, and I loved it.

So here are my week's outfits.

Dress: Banana Republic, brooch: vintage, shoes: TB

I love the little twist and bow in the neckline

Dress: vintage 60's, Shoes: Mollini, Bag: Forever New, Brooch: Grandma's

I love the hell out of this bag - pity it's not leather

Mollini heels - worn to death, all marked and scratched up. Will have to chuck them out soon

Dress: Vintage 60's crimpolene, Necklace: Sportsgirl, Shoes: unknown

Who could pass up such a bright blue that doesn't require ironing??

Dress: Vintage, Necklace: Vintage, Shoes: TB

Not entirely sure on this one - might get it shortened
I definitely need to get myself a nice camera - hanging out for a DSLR Nikon. I have my dad's old lenses from the 70's which should fit on a new camera. Can't afford it though!