Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Caved, totally

Ok, so I totally caved and got the Dany shoes after all. They just look so good on people, like these on a blogger from Chictopia. But on me they are so totally going to look like a 34 year old going on 7. But I don't care. I tried on some mary janes with ankle socks last night and in my sleep deprived state I was convinced I could pull it off. Hmmmm..

Pretty on her....

As of Monday, when my advisors deliver my financial plan, I will be on a mega spending ban. I will keep myself honest via this blog. Especially since I have my canada trip to think about. So I got some Asos goodies to make it last...last thing I need is a pair of nude wedges...

Warehouse Swallow Print blouse

Jersey Maxi skirt - this will inevitably make me look stumpy

Palazzo pants - these will definitely stumpify me.

I have no idea why I seem to be lusting after 70s stuff. I don't fit into that hippy look very well!

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