Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Get Your Mail On Time

Heading towards the middle of a super busy week - luckily I have Friday off, so that I can go to Cold War Kids on Thursday night, and get a whole bunch of stuff done Friday morning before the Spin Off Festival. I am so tired just thinking about it.

Plus I start my classes tomorrow....Professional Legal Ethics looks incredibly boring but I will reserve my judgement. Oh - the exciting news for me is of course the direct Air Asia flights from Adelaide to KL- mum and I have booked for next May (ages away, but why not). We are looking at destinations to fly on to - either Kuchi or HK.
Oh, and Leonard Cohen is coming back!!

Saw burlesque Friday night - I got this note from the boylesque mail man (loved the act with the cooked chicken down the pants!)

Tried out a new gym - didn't like the set up though. Free weights on a different floor to the rest of the equipment.

Superhero/Supervillain night again. TOOOOOOO much coconut vodka.

Zara jacket and top, H&M necklace

Asos skirt, Topshop top

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