Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tunnels and Roundabouts

At the moment I am just hanging out for the weekend, and burning peoples' retinas with my outfit. I have had numerous side eyes from the academics. It's just colour folks! Get over it!

All of my friends are down at the moment - it must be winter and the inability to get up in the mornings. I too am feeling a bit grrrr. Maybe it's just the lack of alcohol.And the fact we did so badly at Quiz night last night - seriously, the cheating table were warned about iphone they brought out their ipad instead. I was angry for about one second before I saw the hysterically funny side of it all.

Bardot blazer, Josh Goot for Asos top, F New necklace, J Crew pencil skirt

Fin surveys her domain

Scary tunnels at work

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  1. ERMAGAWD Josh Goot did a line for Asos?? How did I not know about this? Loving that top. So sad there's nothing left on the Asos website.

    Absolutely love that shade of pink. I get similar strange looks when I wear my pink blazer. I don't know why it's so outrageous?