Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hiding Your Light

Day 3 of Dry July and I actually want a drink - weird because I usually don't drink at all on weekdays. I assume it's because I can't have it that I want it! I am renaming it No Fun Month - mainly because I am attempting all of the following at once:
  • No alcohol
  • One coffee per day
  • Squat challenge (up to 105 now)
  • Gluten Free diet
  • No sugar
  • Eating out only 2 x per week
  • Gym 5 x per week
  • No shopping
So pretty  much no fun month. Actually I already have the beginnings of a cold, so I wish I could be back home in bed right now.....

Vintage dress

New lens for my camera - can't wait to use it at gigs

Zara pants and blazer, Dotti top

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