Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Swinging Sixties

Happy Valentines Day everyone! For all you singles out there like me, I hope you get some mega hot sex with someone you are lusting after. Or some wine and chocolate! I will probably have none of the above;) My diet is going reasonably well thus far this week - I think knowing it's less than a month til I get a bikini on in Malaysia has influenced me. Although someone has brought in cupcakes to the office today!

Vintage 60s dress, Topshop belt, Forever New Necklace

Bel supervises

Fringe parade shoes (Nude Shoes)

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  1. HAHA! "I hope you get some hot sex!" Sayin it like it is, girl!

    You're looking really good :) Love the outfit too.

  2. I can never see your photos on my work browser :(
    I always want to comment but can never see! I wonder why? I'm sure it's probably because i've postponed some update. Ha
    But I saw the word cupcakes so who am i to ignore such a sexy word?'
    Hope you have a good V day :)
    - KK