Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy New Year

I am saying Happy Chinese New Year, but not feeling it today. Living in the city can be a pain sometimes because I was jolted awake by the fireworks....

Added Hipster Tax for this - $13 for a tiny tub. But oh so good....

Wedding at Port Willunga

Wedding cake

I caught the bouquet (fat lot of good that will do me!)

Attempting to be all New Yearish

Ah Cardi, Zara tunic, Asos pants

Fin's new sleeping place...on my corset

Alipne at Laneway

Fin again

The Rubens

My girlie and I

Naughty Fin

Of Monsters and Men

Douche who doesn't know sunnies go ON THE FACE

Bat for Lashes

Naked hipsters


  1. That Ice-cream looks so damn good as does that wedding cake haha! x

  2. Here I am congratulating myself on my first 12WBT meal, I come over and find a macaron cake. Lol
    Love the Zara tunic, it looks great on you.

  3. Oh I love that macaron tower!

  4. Lucky you seeing of Monsters and Men, here in Patagonia we listen to it, my 5 year old knows the words to the song "Little talks" and I listen to them when I run around this patagonian town.