Friday, February 15, 2013

It's Parade Time

I needed a big old drink after a terrible performance review yesterday - let's just say that I don't think my new boss's style and mine mesh well. I'm never good with people who like to go through you work and insist on using red pen to circle everything.

But at least I did the Parade for the Fringe - no extreme storms. Lots of waiting around in costume for two hours! I was so nervous, needed to pee (impossible in my costume), and I forgot dinner so I was starving.

But: I can tick appearing in a public event in underwear off my list! Plus cheap drinks all night due to costume. And I had a number of people complimenting my dress sense bravery. WTF people, it's clearly a costume! Which proves my point that everyone has a secret longing to wear their underwear in public.

Silent disco was amazing:)

Hat time

Knickers ahoy


Our float

Luna looked amazing

Car in front

We got stuck behind the camels..

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  1. Sorry to read about your disappointing performance review, but meh - work shmerk I say. On the up side, you looked absolutely amazing in your costume :)

  2. Oh that sucks about the performance review but your outfit is tops!

  3. Your costume is amazing! I love the glamour of it all and your hair is so vibrant and beautiful!