Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Kitty fun

Living under a black cloud at the moment - being performance managed is really exhausting and distressing. I feel like every aspect of my work life is being scrutinised - after a meeting it will be 'you missed an opportunity to ask how that person is going' or 'you should go over to them and try joking with your employees'. Blurgh. My management istyle is very different and I hate being held to a certain style. My employees like me, and I have had good feedback from them, but it's clearly not the way my boss wants me to do things:(

I went to see my friend in an amazing jazz show last night, but I had to leave halfway through. I was just too exhausted. It doesn't help that my diet has gone out the window and I ate a whole bag of minties through stress. Sugar highs and lows are not helping. I have a show tonight and one tomorrow night too, and a date saturday night...

Which leads me to - what the hell does one wear on a date? Gah! SO many clothes and nothing to wear.

Zara shirt and Dotti skirt. Don't worry, I did brush my hair after this.

Topshop Vectra slippers

Bel says hi

Fin says hi also

Asos skirt, portmans top, AGH pearls

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  1. Damn that sucks about your performance being monitored at work!! I hope all goes well!

    Love the outfit with the green and the stripes!!

  2. I really love the green skirt. Shows off your tiny waist!