Monday, September 10, 2012

To Radelaide and Beyond

I am back but I am hating it.Going home for a weekend reminds me how much I miss Adelaide, and how much I am sad here in Albury. I miss my friends soooooo much!.

Did a little shopping (Zara and Forever New), and ate out tasty meals (Lemongrass and The Ivy). Did some tacky dancing (the Stag) and some non tacky dancing (Jive).

Catching up with best friends for glitter night

And for nights out tacky dancing

Chance for some seafood - The Ivy in North Adelaide

Airport security love to make cracks about whether I like pink (doh!)

New office has room for my wavy things

Mum surprised me with the dress I wanted from Witchery!

New Zara pants, Zara jacket and Dotti top, TB wedges. It's spring!

My stepfather glued the peacock back on my phone too!

My stepfather also asked me why I was going out in my pjs...rofl

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