Sunday, September 16, 2012

Flipping Out

What a boring weekend - I definitely don't like staying home. Perhaps I am a nomad at heart after all? I did take myself to see the Expendable 2 in honour of the anniversary of Dad's death (8 years!), since he was a huge arnie fan. Not enough Arnie though, too much stallone.

I did manage to clean the kitchen and bathroom...and then cleaned the kitchen again after I SPILLED PORRIDGE ALL OVER MY RECIPE BOOKS. Sigh. Yuck. Looked like vomit. I had to throw a few out as they were too badly damaged.

In honour of my friends in Adelaide running the City to Bay, I ran the inaugral City To Bogan - 12km run into the heart of Wodonga and back. I also tried Cross fit, and did 7 days of exercise last week! Yay me!

Asos dress

Lovisa necklace

Lake near my house

Fin doesn't understand personal space. When I lay on my side she lays right on me....

Silly Bel - if I wanted to take you to the vet you are right where I want you!

I have so much alcohol - must start drinking....

Old house on the way to Wodonga

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  1. Hi Linda. Ali here from Amanda's Daily Dose page... I just realised by reading this post you live near Wodonga? I actually grew up outside of Tallangatta! small world hey??

    love your hair colour too!

  2. Hi Linda.
    Love all your posts and dress ideas. So stylish you are.
    Wonderful to read you are running, and so much.
    Did you do a 12km run or a 12 km there and 12 km back? Amazing anyway.
    We have just moved from Australia to Argentina and I have just started running again after all the stress of moving and packing. Would love to be able to run 12km, but at the moment sticking to under 7km.
    take care