Monday, September 24, 2012

It's a wrap

So yesterday....I forgot to wear a bra. And had to go home to put one on (actually changed into my gym clothes instead). How does one forget to wear a bra??? No idea. Clearly my mind is elsewhere.
Like with my new iPhone! 4 hours to update, but now it works;)

Lorna Jane pants, Asics shoes....chilling in my gym clothes like a boss. 
Leona Edmiston frock and tights, Tony Bianco boots, Zara blazer

Obligatory gun shot - my arm looks like marble it's so white!

Yes, today I am wearing a bra

Red lips


  1. Haha omg I have never left the house without a bra ever.

    Cute dress.

  2. love this dress/tights/boots combo. I forgot to wear a bra to work one day. Was sitting in a meeting and then realised. oops.