Sunday, September 23, 2012

Newly lensed

On the good news side of things my second hand replacement camera arrived from Ebay - and it is a super bargain for $78! Clearly they took better care with theirs than I did with mine;)

 On the bad news front, despite killing myself with exercise and eating well...I gained a kilo. Not sure why this is happening, my muscles are dying at the moment with all the cross fit and boxing.

Old pic off my memory card - like what my hair is doing here

Bel looks shocked by new camera

Topshop blouse, Asos tie, Dinnigan pants
Zara heels

Hair looks like a spider web

Fin is unimpressed by proceedings

Saturday cross fit had us doing tyre flips...while watched by 100s of bikers. I think they were rating us

Saturday night - Fin approves of movie choice

Rope burns - who knew climbing ropes was so damn hard?

Sunday bike ride

Annual car wash

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  1. Perhaps you've just toned up and gained some muscle weight? Take measurements or at the gym I go to we get two free sessions in which they do a body analysis and see if you are getting results in terms of body fat loss etc. I'm sure all your hard work is paying off!

  2. Dont listen to the scales - once your clothes feel looser you will now you are losing weight.