Thursday, August 2, 2012

Flutterby Butterfly

Another day another dollar... I bought this butterfly top on a whim when I was in Adelaide - I just couldn't pass up the pattern even though it is a wee bit odd in design. I am a fan of floaty and sheer...probably not too work appropriate but a) it's Friday and b) no one at my work really cares what I wear.

Unis are good like that to work for really - sure, the academics may say 'who is that crazy woman with all her colours and pleather pants', but I don't really mind!

Note the massive pile of ebay clothes in the background....

Random butterfly top, Sportsgirl Pixie leggings

I have a tail!

And some jazz hands (and sparkly boots but you can't see them...)

1 comment:

  1. i work at a uni too. I wear want a want and am often complimented for it! Lots of people just wear boring black, white and grey 'workwear'. BORING!