Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dancing Queen

Melbourne weekend is (sadly) done and dusted and I am back in the office.I had a great time as usual, even if my quiet friday night turned into flavoured vodkas at Naked for Satan, followed by dancing til dawn at Weekender.

I managed to be restrained on the shopping front - just a  new plain black Zara blazer, and grey wax coated jeans. Pity I wasn't so restrained with alcohol consumption - I had such an impossibly bad hangover saturday. I think I still have it!

Impossibly booby Seduce dress

Hello ladies! Thanks to my VS bra (I am only a B cup)

Zara jacket

Random elephant action

Why are the cameras always on soon?

Random kitty shirt, Lovisa necklace, Zara jacket and jeans and boots

Love my boots

Hair so needs a wash!

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  1. Just came across your blog from Vogue Forums! :)

    How good is Naked for Satan? One of my favourite places... their eggplant chip & blue cheese drizzled with honey is to die for! And their flavoured vodkas = YUM! Although Lucky Coq and Bimbos has a pretty impressive selection too.