Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pleased to meet you

Nearly had a meltdown yesterday after work in Myer Wagga - I desperately wanted a pantsuit I had seen in Adelaide in Review for my interview. I had convinced myself it was perfect - and of course there were no pants in my size. And it would take 4 days to arrive from Sydney. I very nearly cried (although that may have been PMS).
I kinda want pants so I don't have to deal with stockings, and because it will be super freezy cold - but maybe warm in the interview room. And I have to cover my tattoos...

Thought about this but how would I match navy with tights and shoes? It's a tricky colour. Review suit (my Zara top)

Ended up with Cue pants and shirt, and my Zara jacket (ignore the bad hair and no makeup).

I find interview dressing har - I want to look corporate but I don't want to completely disguise my personality. Anyone who knows me knows that I adore bright colours and prints. So I thought perhaps the spots were enough of a personality hit without ruining the interview look. Any thoughts? Hair in a bun or a ponytail? Coloured bag or black bag?

Today's look - Portmans dress, Zara belt, Portmans cardi

Sportsgirl ring

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  1. I hate it when your 100% sold on an outfit in your mind then you have to change it an you feel like NOTHING else is going to match it.

    Its always good to show your personality in an interview, try to wear your hair the way that "you" do but in a way that's accepted in a corporate environment! Good-luck with the interview :)