Friday, February 17, 2012

12WBT - kicking my arse

It's nearly been one week on the 12WBT - and it is kicking my arse. I tried my best at the Super Saturday Session today - got through the first three rounds, did the first of the second session and ended up finishing with cardio instead. I do feel completely exhausted so I guess that's ok!

The circuit is a great idea, but it was just too difficult in a gym setting - I tried to keep burning through with no breaks, but people kept hopping on the machines I wanted which really interrupted the flow. Plus I suck at triceps pushups. My arms just keep popping sideways at the elbows. Weird.

Nutrition is going ok though - except for me eating few handfuls of dry muesli this afternoon. Which reminds me why I cannot keep it in the house. That and dry crackers. I know - I am weird! I guess in the scheme of things it could have been worse:)

Trying to study for my interview in London on Friday - I keep getting distracted. So nervous! But looking forward to catching up with my friend in Liverpool, even just for one night.

It is going to play havoc with my exercise and eating though! 60 hours on planes, and cold weather and English food...and maybe beer. Urgh! must resist!

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