Sunday, February 5, 2012


Trying to decide how to spend the rest of my wanted shoes voucher....I am trying to be sensible about it.

I do really want a pair of yellow heels, been wanting them for ages. Here are the choices (they are so going yo get filthy!)

Tony bianco

Tony bianco


And my trusty flat boots are ready to be tossed the holes are too much to fix!

See! Big holes at the heel and the sole is coming off....

So this? Maybe not over the knee though.....

This? Not familiar with this brand but everyone needs good riding boots?

Or this? They look similar to the ones I had....or are they too casual and plain?

Meanwhile, look what arrived! Love!

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  1. The 2nd pair of tony biano's without doubt! I have the same pair in blue and I adore them! Are you good with platforms?

  2. First pair! I love peep toes.