Monday, February 13, 2012

I can see you....

I nearly died laughing when I saw this photo....Fin decided to investigate while I was taking photos.

So close...

Zara shorts, Zara sandals, Zara blouse (yep, all Zara today)

I did day two session of 12WBT this morning and took the awful underwear pics yesterday...urgh.
At the gym this morning I saw another woman doing the burpees against the bench and knew there was another person doing the 12WBT - at least I have some company!
Managed to gain 3 kilos!! in Adelaide this weekend - start weight is now 71 kilos (bad bad~!).


  1. Just spotted your blog after seeing that adorable Fin photo! Laugh out loud EVERY time I look at it ...(about 5 times now...!)x

  2. Lol, Fin can't resist getting in on the action:)