Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Super hero

The cats have worked out how to turn the tv on somehow. It is super creepy to come home and find the tv on...and they appear to be rap fans. Who knew?

In other news I look a bit like Wonder Woman again today....

Contents of my January Bellabox

Zara top, Asos pants, Asos ring, Asos cuff, Random necklace

Tony Bianco Farren wedges

I picked off all my shellac nails, but my toes are going strong. My nails on my hands grow so much faster judging by the lack of regrowth on my toes! And my lashes are starting to fall out - 2.5 weeks and it still looks pretty good.

Booked The Westin Resort in Langkawi for the trip, going to book either the Moon or the Scarlet Hotel in Singers...

1 comment:

  1. Bellabox looks like fun - but not for me until I've cleared most of the bath and cosmetics stuff I already have! :(

    I think I have the same nail mistiming as you! My hand-nails grow out their colour fairly quickly (I think it's noticeable after a week) whilst the nails on my feet are almost "paint and forget", which is unfortunate as it takes forever for a toenail to regrow after losing it due to running. Also :(