Monday, January 30, 2012

Orange you glad?

Spent what felt like 10 hours listing things on ebay last night - although I have to say the mobile app makes it much easier! My ebay name is Poptartlr in case you are interested:)

Getting my hair done finally today, it looks so ratty I think I need a couple of inches off.

I almost forgot the good news! I won a $500 voucher courtesy of Wanted Shoes - I am deciding whether to go for break and get all the shoes at once or spread it out over a couple of months... :)

Zara skirt, Dotti blouse, Witchery necklace, Asos cuff, Samantha Wills ring, Tony Bianco wedges


  1. you lucky thing! $500!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lucky lady. If it were me I'd spread it out over a few months. Unless you already have your eye on a number of shoes.

  3. Shame those Zu heels are too big for you, think I'd be in the same boat. More of a 37-38/ 7.5-8, would totally bid on them otherwise :-P