Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sunshine on a cloudy day

My new Asos yellow satchel arrived...and it is definitely love;)

My shopping ban is not working, so I think I might give myself a $35 budget per week to spend instead. I need to be able to buy one cheap item per week (or save for a couple of weeks for something better). Not sure on the exact amount though....

Asos satchel, Zara top and blazer, RMK boots, Nudie jeans

So bright!


  1. Great outfit and the satchel is such an eye catcher! :)

  2. Nice bag!

  3. Cute satchel! Love ASOS, and this was definitely worth breaking your self appointed allowance for!

    The Internet Garbage

  4. Hey, I was doing a search on the satchel. I soo want it. Can you fit a full size magazine in it?