Sunday, July 17, 2011

Shoes and noodles

Who needs food when you can have shoes? (kidding!). But I did manage to make my weekly purchase out of my food budget.

Sadly, my ipad has gone by the wayside - all the money I had saved has gone on vet bills. $1700 in the past month (eep!). Still, my kitty means more to me than any crappy electronic device. And you never know - Xmas is not that far away:)

We looked at a few houses on Saturday - some beautiful old homes. Needless to say, there were many arguments along the way. The Boy fell in love with the first one we saw (I did too, but I am trying to be completely objective). Fingers crossed it can all be worked into the finances!
Asos Prissy T-Bar heels - great for walking distances

Asos pleated knit skirt - love the blue (hope it's a smidge longer on me)

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