Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Settling for exhaustion

I haven't disappeared off the face of the earth! Just made the big move to Adelaide, it's been a huge couple of weeks...

Apartment in melbourne, so huge!

People must do this all the time..

High tea at the Westin- sparkly red velvet mini cake


China Bar with a hangover- bad idea. We could barely eat anything...

Ouch! From doing the Madison at Retro

Colour Run fun!

Pre run:)

Post run. So doing this again in Adelaide!

Messy me

My legs look like a rainbow icecream

Lunch after at Fonda Mexican

Long drive to Adelaide...

My new city pad!


Priorities- I don't have a wardrobe but I did buy fairy lights, flamingoes and fake lawn. I need more kitschy 50s goodness!!

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  1. lmao i love your priorities :P looks like a cute house you moved into! :) did you live in the melb CBD before? soo jealous!! lol

    that fun run looks so cool! oh and china bar with a hangover is THE worst idea ever. just sayin. lol