Sunday, November 18, 2012

Moving on Up

2 days until the big move - I of course celebrated by getting mucho drunk on friday night with my workmate. She can so handle her liquor better than me. Embarrassing! I do remember crashing someone's engagement party at a pub. Whoops! I think I was excited about the balloons.

So as my punishment we packed the rest of the weekend.....and also saw Argo (loved!).

Bardot blazer


Touchy feely wall at the Bended Elbow

Good outdoor area

Asos randomly sent me sequin knicker an 8 (I'm a 12)

Packing.....all these are books! I have thousands....

My shorts for the colour run in Melbourne on sunday

Old trusty Dorothy Perkins dress and Alannah Hill cardi

And yet again my dirty hair looks better than it does when clean

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  1. i like those shorts with the built in shorts underneath! what brand are they?

  2. They are Lorna Jane - instore now:) $65 - I ended up with a size larger than I normally take so that they would be a bit of a looser fit and sit on my hips:)

  3. I also love the shorts!

    Best of luck with the move!! x