Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fashions in a Field....

This year marks the first time I have gotten involved in Melbourne Cup and I must admit it has been fun. Course it helped that I went with an awesome bunch of people to Derby Day, that I won $300, and that it lightened the mood at work yesterday. Of course I was the only person wearing a hat....

Hat - Catarzi for Asos plus Peacock clip from Etsy
Famous! Lol.

Asos dress, Zara sandals

Fin approves of my new work contract

Zara dress

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  1. my gosh your kitties are gorgeous. Just beautiful.

    I also felt compelled to comment becuase I love your hair! Is that your nautral colour? I ask because I have naturally strawberry blonde hair (it used to be a lot redder!) and always think about going a more vibrant red colour!