Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Workshop Woes

The whirlwind is over - workshop in Sydney with my boss is done and dusted. I won't be signing up for another one anytime soon!

At least we got to stay at the fabulous Westin - which was the mystery hotel on Last Minute for a paltry $165 for the night. The room was massive. I could have held parties in the bath. Wasted on a work trip!

Westin Sydney

Large bath


Aurelio Costarella dress, Asos shirt

Topshop ring

Hopefully I looked professional....

Today is back to normality - almost.

Zara pleather pants, TB boots, Dotti peplum top, Asos cuff, Lovisa necklace

Cat has already put a hole in my pants. Damn her cuteness!

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  1. Gorgeous outfits, you definitely looked tres professional in that AC dress. You should have held an impromptu partay in your bath, I'd have been in! LOL x