Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Racing green

I had a little brain fade in Lorna Jane yesterday - I have pretty much replenished my workout wardrobe now. It's hard to go in there because I have found they have such good customer service - they manage to suggest things to you that look great on, and you end up walking out of there a few hundred poorer.

So it's ebay cull time, and I am thinking about perhaps embarking on a no-spend for 100 days plan. 100 days makes it sound much more do-able than an indefinite one! I need that amount of time to replenish my savings and to pay off the rest of the cc...

Horse print scarf = love

Topshop dress, Asos shirt

TB boots

Bling - Topshop and Lovisa
My body is so sore right now - boxing and weights have made me feel like a lump of wood. I am doing the robot walk at the moment. I haven't had a day off the gym since last monday, so perhaps I will have tomorrow off!

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  1. lorna jane is so addictive and it is quality. I'm constantly in there!