Sunday, February 16, 2014

Life on the Fringe

It's been so busy lately - work is ramping up, and my trip to the US is in 3 and a bit weeks. I have no idea how I will get all of it done before then.

I managed to miss the BDO due to food poisoning, and had to sell my laneway ticket due to work, so I am getting excited about Soundwave and Future Music. The Fringe Festival has started too - I was in the parade for Bazinga Burlesque, which was a lot of fun (after obsessively watching the weather after our torrential rains). Add to that getting a wee bit drunk at the Cellar Door Wine Festival, and going to see Theatresports hungover yesterday, and it makes a pretty big weekend!

Heel emergency at work

Dry lake at work

In the Parade

Tent collapse in heavy rains

Chinatown for dumplings

So full afterwards

Chips in a cone in the garden

Time for pulled pork at Street

Comparing beers

Cellar door festival

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