Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Only two weeks from tomorrow and I will be in the US! Feeling like I am going to miss The Boy so much though.

It's been busy - I tried indoor rock climbing for the first time. It was really embarrassing - I am phobic about heights and had a meltdown halfway up and burst into tears. So my goal is to just go a little higher each time.

I saw a couple more Fringe shows. Big Band Burlesque was as amazing as it was last year, really makes me want to get back into it (after america!). And Limbo - simply fantastic. We were in the front row, and ended up narrowly missing a walking stick which was accidentally flung into the crowd. It just made me long to be more bendy than I am! Of course afterwards we went to the Fringe Club and drank more wine - I recall saying 'I'm not even tipsy, for some reason this alcohol is not affecting me'. Lols. It certainly was affecting me all of the next day when I could barely get out of bed.

Artist's Bar

Front Row for Limbo

Love a good carousel

New chillies for the collection

Niece's bday party

Pinupgirl Heidi Dress

Playing around with my new makeup app - so fun

Food trucks are hard to resist at work

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