Thursday, February 20, 2014

Getting in the Act

So far we have seen two Fringe Festival shows: Alex Williamson and Theatresports.

Alex Williamson was funny - although the show ran quite short, and some of the jokes just pushed over the edge into tastelessness for me. There's funny, and then there is just that line where it goes too. The songs were the best part of the show.

Tonight we are headed off to see Big Band Burlesque, and then tomorrow night on to see Limbo in the garden. I have heard amazing things about it, so I am really looking forward to it.

I also went and got more of my tattoo completed - this time the tail of the peacock.


Voodoo Vixen dress

Voodoo vixen dress - lovely material and pattern

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  1. WOW that peacock tatt looks amazing. Can you show us a zoomed out picture with more context?


  2. Oh your tattoo looks amazing. Painful, but amazing :-)