Thursday, June 27, 2013

Review - Lady V London

So I have about 8 Lady V London dresses now, and I adore them. In terms of the shopping experience, the website is easy to use, and they parcel arrives quickly. I have a mix of Day Dresses and Swing Dresses - I mostly prefer the swing dresses for the fuller skirts, although I don't have any petticoats to test that out.

The one issue I have is with the cap  sleeves - they cut in at the top of my shoulder. I need to get a slit cut to make movement easier. I tried sizing up to a 14 but it's too loose in the chestal region....I have a mix of 12s and 14s, and both have the sleeve issue, so maybe it is just me and my hulk arms!

They are wonderful for the price - two thumbs up!

Lady V Day Dress

Lady V Flamingo Swing dress

Lady V Day Dress

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