Thursday, June 20, 2013

Kitties! Are! Back!

After a few weeks in my mother's garage while I was OS/had eye surgery, the Evil Twins are back. And they appear pleased to see me. I think they are just pleased to see food. They are so fat! It's time for a kitty diet methinks. Either that or a kitty treadmill.
I do love a fat cat though....

I need a bigger lap
Last day of work for the week, which means pj and wine night at my friend's house.....I sorely need it after this week. Tomorrow I am finally getting on board and seeing Gatsby with my mum, and venturing out into this weather to see some local bands (including the amazing Byzantines).

No time to delay - fashion selfies...

Topshop jacket and Witchery skirt

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  1. Really loving that Topshop jacket!

  2. Do you ever wear the same thing twice?! Lol

    Kitties = bella

  3. Oh those kitties are so squeezable!