Monday, April 22, 2013

Life goes on:)

Just an update - thanks everyone for the well wishes, much appreciated! I am trying to be as positive as possible, and think about how good it will be to get away from a toxic environment. It's just the transition phase that scares me!

This weekend I will start madly ebaying, in an attempt to raise a few extra weeks breathing space in terms of rent.

In the meantime I am just trying to get through each day, and leaning on my friends/parents and the Boy to help me through the tough times. And making sure i get some couch time with foxtel on and the heating cranked (at least I have just paid this quarter's power bill!).

Above is a photo of me and a friend at Little Miss Mexico:) I haven't really taken any outfit photos recently, not been too up for creative outfits. I have started back at the gym this morning though. I have gained 5 kilos since January - whoops! The Fringe/Overseas Trip + New Boy = some major fatness gains .


  1. make sure you share your ebay user ID! You have great taste

  2. Agree- link to to your eBay store!