Sunday, May 6, 2012


Full disclosure....I slept in my gym clothes last night so I would get up and go to the gym in these sub arctic temperatures...So it's kind of funny that I am wearing my pjs to work. Well, a pj-like top anyway.

 I have done well on my first week of the health challenge - from 70.9 to 68.4 in one week. I don't think this week will be as good, since I am traveling for most of it. I got slack on the tracking but overall most of the time stuck to my 1200 calories a day, and did 6 days of at least 50 mins of exercise. I don't know if the heart rate monitor gets me too obsessed with calories and now obsessed enough with just working those muscles?

Off to Bathurst for one night now, and the brisbane for the rest of the week. Don't feel like driving 4 hours after my 3 hour drive to Albury yesterday!

No it's not's a Zara shirt. 

Fin isn't the best model in the world...

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  1. Love the full fringe! Congrats on the weightloss and 6 days of 50min is a great effort too.