Thursday, May 3, 2012

Owl be seeing you...

Had to work until after 7 last night, not a fan of late nights. It makes me feel like I only just got home, turned around and came back. Plus the chorus of neighbourhood cats last night kept me up for hours - no idea what that was about.

 Ashamed to admit I am in nearly all Zara again today - I have an addiction problem clearly. I nearly didn't buy this shirt because I had already bought two, but I couldn't resist the owl print. Hoo could? (insert bad owl joke here) Plus the studs....

Zara blazer, shirt, jeans, Asos cuff and Topshop ring and slippers 

Scary doing selfies at 35 - wrinkles become much clearer:) But check out the owls and studs!


  1. that top is MAJOR! sorry hooked on rachel zoe project atm

  2. The owl top is a hoot! (bahaha). Seriously though, I love it.