Sunday, December 30, 2012

It's the End of the World....Vegas Style

Cannot believe I am at work right before NYE! Argh, I miss working at Unis!

Love this sign on a local business

Considering this for my bday party dress

Love this but too expensive:(

My actual outfit for shopping - Target dress from years ago

NYE costume for Vegas party

Glad I found this Pleasure State Chemise - perfect for showgirl

Anyway, I am not going to do a best of 2012, I am just looking forward to 2013. No use looking back now! is my 2013!

Goals 2013

I’m calling this goals rather than resolutions. Mainly because I prefer something aspirational than something that is setting me up for failure.

·         Travel as often as possible….see more of the world
So far:

o   KL/Penang (March)

o   Work trips to Indonesia, China, Japan, Thailand, HK

o   USA (July) for high school reunion. Actually, does anyone want to come with me? J

·         Pay off all non- tax deductible debt

·         Fashion related spending ban (hahahaha says everyone else)

·         Say yes more often than I say no (mainly to friends of course, if I start saying yes to randoms on the street, please stop me. I could end up in the Salvation Army or a pyramid scheme)

·         Be passionate about whatever I do….and if I can’t muster up the enthusiasm then don’t do it!

·         Learn a new language (probably go back to Spanish)

·         Learn to take proper photographs

·         Pay attention to new music so I don’t end up stuck in the 90s

·         See as many live performances as possible
So far:

o   Illusionists

o   Circe de Soleil

o   BDO

o   Laneway

o   Bruce Springsteen

o   Big Band Burlesque

o   Birds of Tokyo


Fitness/Health Resolutions 2013

These deserve a separate category since I have so many of them…

·         5-6 exercise sessions per week (5 x Crossfit, 1 x Gym where possible)

·         Try something new once a month (rock climbing, Xtend Barre, Burlesque, Ariel Silks)

·         10 strict pull ups in a row

·         110 kg deadlift/65 kg clean

·         Handstand push ups unaided

·         90% of the time no wheat, sugar, dairy (clearly the rest of the time I will be drinking;)

·         Tough Mudder

·         Another Color Run (yes, it is spelt the American way…)

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