Thursday, December 27, 2012

Feathered fantasy

I am getting things together to wear for the Vegas themed party on showgirl headdress has arrived. Must keep the cats away....

In other news I am still at work:( I have awful ulcers in my mouth that just won't go away, it's been ages so I am finally dragging my butt to the doctor this afternoon. I expect the answer is just stress, but I am sure i will enjoy forking out $60 to hear that.

New Dorothy Perkins top my awesome friend Kato got me

With Colette Dinnigan pants. I feel a bit I dream of Jeannie for some reason
And the joyous news is that we finally won the Quiz night! Yay! Hopefully this is the beginning of a roll....
Going to go home tonight and go straight to bed. Ulcers are keeping me awake. And no sleep makes me super grumpy.

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  1. Hi, I'm a long time reader of your blog, not in a stalkerish way ;).

    I'm wondering if you would mind sharing where you do crossfit. I've been looking into this but a lot of places are mega expensive and look like they are aimed for the very fit. I am reasonably fit from kickboxing classes but have never done anything like crossfit.

    Also, good luck if you do Tough Mudder. I would love to do but unfortunately I'm not managing to talk any of my friends into it.

  2. Hi! :)
    I do crossfit at Crossfit East Adelaide. I have the top level (Gold) package, which costs about $45 a week, and you can do unlimited classes + 1 pt per month. They have cheaper packages, and I think you can do 10 session packages as well. I go 5-6 times a week so it's a pretty good deal for me. Most places usually have a foundation course that beginners go through - it teaches the lifts and technique over a period of a few weeks, so you can get a feel for it. Most crossfits also have a free trial session, so perhaps you could see if you like it? There are a range of people with different fitness levels in my classes - they have scaling options to tailor each exercise (like ring rows instead of pull-ups). I love it:)
    Sigh, really want to do Tough Mudder late next year but none of my friends are keen either! I would love to have something to work towards.