Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mini kitties

So....I am still waiting to hear back. And it is slowly. killing. Me.
I am trying to distract myself a little, but I must admit I am a bit miserable! I appear to have not gotten rid of my man cold - it has now developed into a rumbling in my chestal region when I breathe. So weird. Of course me being me, I am still working out etc. I might take tonight off though. Day of rest and all.

Sportsgirl Kitty shirt

Tony Bianco heels

Colette Dinnigan creased pantaloons

Albury looked beautiful on the weekend

I climbed this rope

Tried on this Warehouse dress - not sure it suits me?

My new Asics arrived thanks to Eastbay and Parcel It On (great service)

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  1. You have to get that dress- it looks awesome on you

  2. new follower :)

    those runners are INSANE! i absolutely love bright runners (i have hot pink & yellow asics!) i will be checking out this eastbay site!